Students at the nonprofit literacy project 826 Valencia were asked to personify darkness and imagine it as a living, breathing person. They wrote about what darkness would change during the nighttime before the morning came.

Natalia Gonzalez
Age: 9
School: Rooftop

Person of the Darkness
Darkness is black as oil and looks like a vampire. It is as smelly as an onion. It is as giant as an elephant. Darkness would change bad things to good things. Changing bad things to good things is an easy thing for Darkness. So if Darkness saw someone robbing something from someone, he would call the police right away. The police would come and take that person to prison. In the morning when everyone woke up, everything would be fine, perfect, and good.

Jessica Berrios
Age: 9
School: Fairmount
Darkness Helping, a play by Jessica Berrios
Darkness is walking through the woods, sad and depressed. It is thinking about how to be better.
Darkness: I need to be a better thing, and I need to do it before morning. I will go to the village and try to be better.
Darkness walks to the village. He is thinking a lot of good things.
Darkness: My instincts are tingling. Somebody is having a bad dream.
Darkness goes to the person’s house, and into the room of the person with nightmares.
Darkness: Wake up, little girl!
Girl: Who are you? Are you a ghost?
Darkness: How can I help you?
Girl: I am scared because I had a bad dream.
Darkness: Just think good thoughts, and you will have good dreams.
Soon the girl is sleeping with good dreams. Darkness is happy to help.
The End

Rocío Cardoso
Age: 9
School: Edison Charter
The Darkness
The Darkness wanted to get balloons popped because he did not have balloons when he was little. The Darkness looked like he was black and people thought he was not real. The sun came up before he finished popping them.

Nati Zuniga
Age: 9
School: El Dorado Elementary
No Littering Here!
A little raccoon was named Darkness. Darkness didn’t like it when people littered, and that’s why he always cleaned up every night. So one day Darkness got tired of cleaning up after them. So he made a note to the mayor and the mayor got mad and told everyone, and from that day on everybody started to clean and not put garbage on the ground.

Petra Cardoso
Age: 11
School: Edison Charter
Darkness took a mango tree and broke it. When it was morning, a boy saw him. Darkness told him that he wanted to be changed, so the boy told him to be nice and then left. He teaches

Jasmine Hernandez
Age: 8
School: Buena Vista/Horace Mann
I think that Darkness would change if he were a clown.
The earth looks like a completely different place from up high. Students were asked to describe to a friend how the world smells, tastes and looks from up in a hot air balloon.