The 24th Street BART escalator — the one that’s been down since March 22 — is back in service as of 1 p.m. today, according to BART spokeswoman Molly M. Burke.

The escalator on the southwest side needed repairs to “correct a wobbly auxiliary gearbox, repair worn brakes and replace controller components (circuit boards, relays, etc.) as required,” Burke wrote in an email.

In October of 2011, when that same escalator was out of service for several weeks, BART Deputy Communications Officer James K. Allison described to Mission Local the amount of downtime for the 24th Street Mission station’s escalators as low to moderate compared to BART’s other 43 stations. The escalators were down for a total of 411 hours in September of 2011. Mission Local reported in a previous article that the 16th Street BART station’s escalators experienced 92 hours of downtime in January 2010.

Because they are partially exposed to the outside elements, escalators to street level face different problems than those connecting interior station platforms. Weather is one of the primary stress factors, Allison said last year. The other two factors are debris and people who use them incorrectly.

BART operates 176 escalators and 140 elevators.