These student writings are from “Look Closer/Mira de Cerca,” 826 Valencia’s biannual, bilingual chapbook of works from its after-school tutoring program. They appeared in vol. 10, themed “Chrysalis.”

The students were asked to write about what their lives will be like when they are 80, and children are regarded as a nuisance. This is what they came up with.

Uriel Delgado
Age: 7

School: St. James
When I’m 80 Years Old
When I’m eighty years old, I’m still going to be strong.

Petra Cardoso
Age: 11
School: Edison Charter School
I Hate It
When I am eighty years old, I will complain about kids who are very loud on the bus. They’re always loud because they don’t know what they are doing. They’re always pushing because they want to get a seat. They are always in my way, even if I am very old. When I am eighty years old, my face is the same but it is wrinkled. My feet are very, very skinny and my arms too. My skin is pale brown. I don’t wear makeup anymore. I don’t look pretty anymore.

Jimena Cuellar
Age: 7
School: Edison Charter
When I am Eighty
When I am eighty, I will have white hair and I will have a wheelchair. I will be so ugly and terrible. I will have many grandsons. Then I will die so fast. When I am eighty, I will hate babies a lot because they cry a lot. I will like kids because they do not cry a lot.

Camila Gomez
Age: 8
School: Edison Charter
When I’m Eighty
When I’m eighty, I will be tired and sleep all day long, but I will do a little bit of work in my house. Then I will make breakfast for my family and me. I will watch TV all day long, doing lazy things. I will go outside for a walk for one hour. Lastly, I will sleep and wait until the next day to do the same thing.