VIDEO: What Color Do You Claim?

This video is the third in a series that considers Mission colors — their meaning, beauty and complexity.

This video was shot and edited during a Mission Loc@l video workshop. To find out when our next class is scheduled, email us at

Untitled from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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  1. Reality Checker

    So this is my problem with Mission Local: YOu don’t seem to realize the arrogance it takes to trivialize the serious problems of violence and poverty in the Mission. What colors do you claim? That can — and does — get people killed, here, now, in “your” neighborhood that you’re so titillated to have come to from the suburbs. I’ll probably apologize later for my harsh tone. But for now, I’m just sayin’ wise up, kiddies.

    • floyd

      These are small art projects & in no way endorse gang life. They transform ‘claiming a color’ from something that represents fear & violence into something that celebrates the vivid colors, life, & culture of the mission. If you watch the videos, you’ll see that they’re not ironic or humorous; they’re simple & beautiful & respectful.

      • Reality Checker

        What I’m saying is, use different language. You’re not transforming anything, you’re being cutesy. Inappropriate and worse.

  2. marco

    Maybe appropriate for 24th St — but not for 16th St!

  3. mission bred

    Not on 24th either!

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