Amnesia By potential past

It’s 7 a.m., 50° and headed to 57°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

What an eventful weekend! Two days of Carnaval, a Memorial Day Parade and the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th birthday bash. The Chronicle takes a look back at the bridge’s early days.

How much impact does a business like Bi-Rite have on a community? Here’s a piece on Bi-Rite’s Divisadero store, due to open later this year:

[On] December 8, 2011, “Forum with Michael Krasny,” a local NPR talk show, interviewed Bi-Rite founder Sam Mogannam and greengrocer Simon Richard regarding Bi-Rite’s new book “Eat Good Food.” The discussion spun out during public comment to consider Bi-Rite’s influence on neighborhood gentrification, including neighborhood character, demographics and rents. Despite protests from the Bi-Rite founder, the conflict between the food community and Western Addition’s local black community was clear: healthy, responsible food is great … for those who can afford it.

A listener chimed in:

“I keep hearing the word community as if there were no community there before. To me the word community is a new word for privilege. Are you going out to the community that is already there or are you trying to create a new community and ignore the one that is there?”

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Hélène Goupil

Hélène Goupil is a former editor at Mission Local who now works independently as a videographer and editor. She's the co-author of "San Francisco: The Unknown City" (Arsenal Pulp Press).

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