Good Morning Mission!

Notre Dame Plaza, at 347 Dolores Street, is a low income senior housing facility. Originally built in 1907 as Notre Dame High School, San Francisco's first all-girl's high school, it was transformed into 66 units of HUD 202 senior housing, while preserving all historic elements.

It’s 7 a.m., 54°, drizzly and headed to 57°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

Big news in the Bay Area tech world yesterday: Facebook spent $1 billion to buy the San Francisco-based photo sharing app (service?) Instagram. This article in the Huffington Post notes that now Instagram, which has had seven employees for most of its existence, is valued higher than Papa John’s, Revlon and Barnes and Nobles.

If we consider Instagram in the context of the media business, how does it compare to the New York Times? Not so far apart, actually. Facebook could have bought one of the most revered news organization in the United States for less (approximately $970 million). Hopefully the paper isn’t looking to sell.

In local news, the SF Municipal Transportation Authority announced community meetings today and tomorrow regarding the Muni 14-Mission line.

Staff will present proposals today, April 10, on the 14 line from Cesar Chavez to San Jose Avenue, and tomorrow on the stretch from Duboce to Cesar Chavez. The proposals, intended to improve travel time and reliability, include:

Reconfiguring the roadway
Creating right-turn pockets at key intersections
Adding transit boarding islands at six intersections
Creating transit signal priority at three locations
Increasing bus stop spacing from one to two blocks
Optimizing transit stop locations at six intersections
Adding transit bulbs at six intersections
Extending existing transit stops at two locations
Replacing all-way stop controlled intersections with traffic signals at two intersections
Restricting turns at 14 intersections

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