It is 7:30 a.m., 51° and headed toward the low 60s. It will be partly cloudy with a 10 percent chance of rain.

Simplifying the Planning Code

Supervisors Scott Wiener and Christina Olague want to simplify the San Francisco Planning code to reduce the number of restaurant classifications from 13 to three. The Chronicle penned an editorial in advance of next week’s Board of Supervisors vote.

Per the Chron:

The reason: a complex and confusing approval process that carves up eating places into 13 separate categories. Each category determines: how many seats restaurants can have, whether their sandwiches can be made on site or elsewhere, whether patrons can put their own cream cheese on their bagels, or whether ice cream parlors can serve in cones as well as cups. Among other things.

A Stockton Street coffee shop owner broke the law by toasting sandwiches without permission.

Mission Mission Through the Years 

The popular blog Mission Mission surveys the many looks the site has gone through. See it here.

Hopefully it will be sunny today.

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