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If the 2012 parks bond passes in November, Garfield Square Park users will get a new pool.

On Monday evening, Supervisor David Campos and staff from the Recreation and Park Department gave an overview of the proposed $185 million bond issue to a very small crowd — three residents and one reporter.

The $11 million proposed for Garfield Square Park includes renovating the pool and indoor facilities and improving accessibility.

The pool was closed for renovations in November 2009 and didn’t reopen until July 2010. Renovations took longer than expected because the pool’s system is old, parks department representative Karen Mauney-Brodek said at Monday’s meeting. The complete renovation proposed in this bond would make sure that doesn’t happen again.

It’s too early for details about what the facilities would look like or when the construction would begin and end.

If approved, the project is expected to cost $550,000 for planning, $2 million for design, and $8.25 million for construction.

The proposed bond also includes $35 million for a waterfront parks and open space project, $86 million for neighborhood parks, and $64 million for citywide programs.

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