Two shootings that occurred over the last weekend in March, one at 24th and Shotwell streets and the other at 22nd and York streets, were gang-related, Mission Police Captain Robert Moser said.

The gang task force has been investigating the two shootings and trying to locate witnesses, he said.

It’s not clear at this time whether there is surveillance footage of the shootings. One incident took place near the Mr. Pizza Man restaurant at 22nd and York.

The first of three reported shootings that weekend actually happened in Ingleside, Moser said.

When the victim in that shooting arrived at the hospital, he initially said that he had been shot near 24th and Capp streets. Police later found out that the shooting happened in a different location, outside of the Mission District.

The captain said that since the shootings took place he has increased patrols of both plainclothes and uniformed officers, on foot and in vehicles.