Three Injured in Valencia Street Attack

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A couple and their roommate sustained non-life-threatening injuries during an assault by three suspects on Valencia Street on Saturday morning.

A reader sent us an email describing the incident:

My husband, my roommate, and I were walking home from a night out down Valencia St. [near 19th Street] when we were attacked by three guys on Friday night around 1 AM. My husband just wanted to take me out for our first night out since we had our son … we never expected something like that to happen. On our walk home 3 guys approached us and one of them grabbed me and started saying a bunch of really lewd things. My husband told him to back off and the three started to attack him. My roommate and I pulled two of them off of him and I was punched in the temple and knocked to the ground in the process. The two we pulled off then attacked my roommate, hitting him with a skateboard and kicking him in the face. My husband was still tangled up with the initial attacker and eventually ended up chasing him. The police responded quickly (we were about a block or two from the station after all) and the three attackers were arrested. My roommate and I had to go to the ER for stitches and my husband had to get an x-ray for an elbow injury. As I said we are hoping to get the word out and get into contact with anyone who may have witnessed the attack (there were a ton of bystanders) and I really hope you guys can help us with that. 

If you have any information, contact SFPD.

We will update this story as we get more information.

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  1. marco

    Hit with a skateboard…

  2. Old Mission Neighbor

    why do you need witnesses? they were already arrested.

    • jpop

      Being arrested is a whole different thing from actually being prosecuted. Witnesses can be crucial in convincing the DA to decide to prosecute.

      • Old Mission Neighbor

        Can the 3 victims act as each others witnesses?
        Sorry, I am not good with law.

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