Police Arrest Dolores Park Vandals

Photo by Dolores Park Works

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Police have arrested three individuals in connection with the acts of vandalism that caused $25,000 worth of damage in Dolores Park early this year.

In January the Recreation and Park Department told the Chronicle that some vandals damaged two tractors that were used to construct the park’s playground. Additionally, some benches, lampposts and 20 to 30 planters were smashed.

Mission Police Captain Robert Moser made the announcement yesterday:

“I am happy to announce that the Department’s Graffiti Abatement Unit along with officers from Mission Station has arrested three individuals for the January vandalism of Dolores Park.”

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  1. marco

    And their names are…? We need to do more public shaming of taggers and the friendly neighborhood dog crappers.

    • Lola

      I want names and photos! Shame, shame shame and ban them from the park for a couple of years. Make an example of them and maybe others will think twice before engaging in thuggy behavior!

  2. Waiyde Palmer

    i am glad they were caught. now you think SFPD could get on the recent, unsolved murders that took place in The Mission?

    • paul

      Like this? (from the linked to announcement)
      “I would like to begin this week’s message with the news that the Homicide Division has made an arrest in the murder of Mr.
      Richard Sprauge. Mr. Sprauge was murdered on 2/19/12 on the 100 block of Julian. This arrest was the result of the hard work and collaboration between the Homicide Division and the members of Mission Station.”

  3. Suki

    Good. And yeah- public shaming…why not? They should be asked to talk about what they did and why it was wrong to community groups for a month. Or something like that.

  4. Reality Checker

    OK, they arrested them. Have they been convicted? How did the cops find the suspects? A tip? By the way, I don’t see anything about tagging, but I guess obsessives are going to jump to their own conclusions.

  5. Rigoberto Hernandez Post author

    Thank you for your comments. We are following up on this story today.

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