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The New Yorker took a stroll down 18th Street and wrote about Bi-Rite. Although Dana Goodyear usually finds herself going to the Ferry Building several times during stays, a friend told her that the real center of the food universe was on 18th Street:

To my friend, the center of the universe is Bi-Rite, a tiny community grocery story in the Mission, on an especially foodish stretch of Eighteenth Street that is also home to Tartine Bakery and the Bi-Rite Creamery, which serves ice cream made with honey from the hives on the roof of the market.

Did you know that San Francisco is the nation’s sugar daddy capital? The Examiner reports:

The Bay Area outpaces all other urban areas in per-capita numbers of men seeking companionship for cash, according to data released this week by, the web’s so-called “best sugar daddy fishing hole.”

About 3.5 in every 1,000 adult males in the greater San Francisco metropolitan area are involved in the sugar daddy market, where nearly 3,000 “sugar babies” are seeking “sugar parenthood.”