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Is Uptown Oakland the new Mission District? Some residents there seem to think so.

Per the Contra Costa Times: “It’s a changed place,” said Carlos Ibarra-Ruiz, 26, who lives in the neighborhood. “For me, the Mission district in San Francisco was once the place. Now it’s here. But I also worry that the more Oakland becomes chic, the more it will lose its authenticity.”

And SF Weekly talked with the folks at Mission Pie about installing solar panels on top of their building at Mission and 25th streets.

Per SF Weekly: “Solar power has been on the Mission Pie wishlist since it opened in 2007, but starting a food business is time-consuming and costly; Heisler and co-owner Krystin Rubin had other projects to tackle first. When they finally started talking to Claire Hill of the small SF solar company Luminalt last year, they were ready to take the plunge.”

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Correction: an earlier version of this post stated that Mission Pie is located on Mission and 26th streets. It is actually located on the corner of Mission and 25th Streets. We regret the error.