Although no specific address has been disclosed yet, Forage Kitchen is moving to SOMA, according to spokeswoman Sophie Silverstein.

A few days ago, Iso Rabins, founder of the underground market Forage SF and the Wild Kitchen dinners, announced that he’s getting ready to launch a new food business incubator program.

Rabins wrote: “The kitchen will be a space that will bolster the local food economy by helping to create businesses that feed our city. We’re embarking on a huge push to get as many people involved as possible, with events such as wild boar scavenger hunts, underground market street parties, gypsy jazz pig roasts, and Basque family-style feasts.”

According to an email announcement, people will be able to take classes, start a business, or hang out in the rooftop garden at Forage Kitchen.

Forage SF also has some upcoming events to share:

The Hunt for Pork

In partnership with our friends at The Go Game, we’re organizing a city-wide wild boar hunt. Traipse around the city picking up clues with your team, all in the hunt for a secret boar and pig roast.
When: March 24, 3-6 p.m.
Where: It’s a secret (location sent out to ticket holders soon)
How: Tickets
More info

Boar, Beer and Gypsy Jazz

Want to come to a pig roast, but don’t have the time to scavenge around the city? After the scavengers get their fill, we’re opening the space up to eaters of all sorts, with beer, pork and music by gypsy jazz masters Gaucho. It will definitely be a great night.
When: Saturday, March 24, 7-11 p.m.
Where: Secret location sent the day of the event
How: Tickets

Family Style: A Basque Feast

The Basque, an enigmatic people from the borders of Spain and France: rebels, sheepherders, and most importantly, great eaters. Basque food is amazing — a cuisine that overflows with flavors, all served family-style in convivial feasts at communal tables. We want to recreate that. In partnership with Slow Food, we’re inviting you to a feast, we hope you’ll come.
What: Family Style Feast
Where: 710 Florida St.
When: March 30-31
How Much: $45
Friday, March 30
Saturday, March 31
More info

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