‘Burrito’ Camera Lens Wrap Inspired by Mission

Photojojo, headquartered on Valencia Street, has these camera lens wraps for sale on their website for $20. Chips not included. Photo courtesy of Photojojo

How… bizarre.

Tasteful? Another view of Photojojo's burrito-like camera lens wraps, an homage to the popular Mission fare. Photo courtesy of Photojojo

Mission-based business Photojojo, which sells quirky camera accessories and blogs about DIY photo techniques recently released a camera lens wrap that is inspired by a popular Mission District food item: the burrito.

Photojojo, headquartered on the 700 block of Valencia Street, markets the tortilla-like lens wrap, which is actually made of neoprene and a material called Tyvek, as the perfect way for pricey gear to go incognito: “A clever burrito disguise means potential thieves will never suspect that you’re packing glass instead of pico de gallo.”

But for about twice as much as a burrito meal at El Farolito, these ‘Photoritos’ are going fast — Photojojo has already sold out, but more are on their way March 23.

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