Superb Dining Inside Sugarlump Cafe

The Sous Beurre Kitchen busy making my dinner.

It’s 5:30 p.m. and the greatest little secret on 24th street is just opening the kitchen.

This fabulous restaurant is named Sous Beurre. The location is at 2862 24th St.

The portions were perfect.  The prices were moderate and the ambiance was calm.  I had the Cassoulet with Braised Pork Shoulder confit cornish game hen leg. fennel, parsley & delightful slow cooked cannelini beans.

Tomoko had the Grilled Local Squid, charmoula, blanched scarlet turnips, okra and frisee.  One of the real highlights of the squid dish was the grilled okra. And to finish the experience a made-to-order sweet crepe.  I’m drooling on the keyboard.  It had a pear lemon sauce.  So where are all the photos of the wonderful dishes.  And where are the photos of our server professionally positioning the plates?

I forgot to take any… I was busy eating.

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