Georgia Rew likes to take risks. Sixteen months ago, the single mom opened the Pretty Pretty Collective, a hair salon and gallery on 22nd Street, with funding from friends, family and several organizations. Next month she’s releasing a print guide to the Mission.

“I had no money,” Rew said of the time she started thinking about opening her own salon.

With the help of the Women’s Initiative, Working Solutions, the Opportunity Fund and private donors, including personal loans from the owners of Amnesia Bar and Four Barrel, Rew raised $100,000 and opened a hair salon and gallery in the neighborhood she’s lived in for 13 years.

Eight months ago, she decided to give another project a try — the Mission Map, both a collaborative printed guide to the neighborhood and an iPhone application.

She contacted Mike Giant, a tattoo artist and co-founder of Potrero Hill-based clothing company Rebel8, who agreed to hand-draw a map of the neighborhood.

The next step was choosing friends who would pick their favorite places to go. Rew chose Benny Gold, the owner of a clothing shop on 16th Street, and Joshy D., who founded Rebel8 with Giant.

The trio selected 122 businesses they liked, made a list and placed them on Giant’s map.

“This map will definitely be a local’s perspective,” Giant said in a video interview done for promotion.

The map, printed on waterproof and tear-proof paper, will be foldable so it can accompany walkers as they make their way through the neighborhood.

Businesses listed include galleries and stores as well as shops where one can find photo equipment and religious ephemera. Although the three collaborators selected all the businesses, a few did pay for ads on the back of the map. The ads will be hand-drawn in the style of 1930s advertisements printed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

On the map, initials follow each contributor’s pick. Rew’s neighborhood favorites include Grand Coffee, where she loves seeing the same people every morning. “It’s the best way to start my morning,” she said.

Others among her favorites include the 500 Club, Skull & Swords tattoo shop, Lost Weekend Video for movies and to see owner and punk rock musician Adam Pfahler, Boogaloo’s for breakfast, Dolores Park and Mira Mira, owned by a good friend of hers and right next door. Rew also loves Beretta for cocktails and Aquarius Records, which in her opinion has the best metal collection.

Rew collaborated with Agency Charlie, a content production company, to film the drawing of the street map. The company also shot short profiles of the businesses included on the map, which will be embedded on a map for the iPhone application.

“My 9-year-old had the idea for the iPhone app,” Rew said. “He woke up and said, ‘Mom you should make an app with the map.’”

So far she’s had to put most of the cost — approximately $5,000 to $6,000 — on her credit card.

Rew plans to sell the map for $10 and the app for between $1 and $1.99. The map will be sold at the businesses mentioned, and TCB Courier will handle the distribution.

She hopes to print a different map every year, highlighting other locals’ favorites.

Rew will hold a release party on Feb. 11 — outside the Mission, at 111 Minna, because she felt that the neighborhood didn’t have a space quite like the South of Market gallery, and she knows the staff well.

“There’s always a fear,” Rew said when asked if she was nervous about the release. “It’s like having a birthday party and think[ing] that no one is coming. Then all of a sudden you have 50 people in the room.”

“SF is a tough place; it doesn’t reward you right away. It makes you work, which is good.”

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Hélène Goupil

Hélène Goupil is a former editor at Mission Local who now works independently as a videographer and editor. She's the co-author of "San Francisco: The Unknown City" (Arsenal Pulp Press).

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