Like the SAT, some of these questions may have more than one right answer. However, there’s only one “best” answer when it comes to points. If you’re looking to earn the “Professional Occupyist” rank, you would choose the following answers:

1. Sweatpants and longsleeves, in case I get shot at or gassed

2. 100

3. Urinating, camping overnight, and having an open fire in public

4. One

5. I equip the Powerade bottle of urine I collected earlier (For the record, vinegar also works)

6. Two weeks

7. Scott Olsen

8. Ask for a lawyer

9. John Avalos

10. Cite and release

Here are all the possible results:

THE PROTESTING NOOB: Take heart. Your intentions are good, but you may just not have it in you to question authority. And that’s okay. We’re not all meant to be hellraisers. The protesting veterans are fighting for your rights.

THE REBEL IN TRAINING: You’ve been around a protest or two in your lifetime. Alas, you still show your inexperience on a few things. Maybe after another month of occupying you’ll be in fighting shape.

THE EXPERT PROTESTER: It’s clear you’ve mastered many of the fine occupying arts. Right on! After a couple of arrests, you could become a protesting veteran.

THE PROFESSIONAL OCCUPYIST: Congratulations! You have proven yourself to be the hardest of core in the world of protesters. You probably thought the WTO riots were child’s play. We’re not sure how you afford to keep showing up. We won’t ask.

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Christopher was first drawn to the Mission by Clarion Alley’s murals. Compared to his apolitical hometown, the strong political implications of the large murals and street art scene in San Francisco took him by surprise. Nonetheless, his favorite mural was of the T-rex terrorizing the Mission.

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