Grub critics and lovers of prose get the best of both worlds as McSweeney’s releases a first peek at “The Sweet Spot,” issue number two of Lucky Peach — a quarterly journal about food and writing — this Tuesday. McSweeney’s is celebrating by throwing a party at Heart Wine Bar to show their thanks to subscribers. Because the event is super-popular, all tickets are already sold out.

But have no fear, readers! The issue comes out November 15; subscribers were mailed their copies around Halloween. Readers can expect eating experiences in Kyoto, Kentucky and Copenhagen with writer Peter Meehan and creator David Chang, and there are quests for prepubescent fruit as well as a guide to Japanese fish killing. Readers also get an inside scoop on their own neurobiological sweet spot, as well as the OG sweet and sour mix. Plus, the journal is sprinkled with colorful graphics, comics, street art, crazy recipes and fruit stickers.

Interested folks can purchase the magazine online at McSweeney’s, The McSweeney’s Store and Barnes & Noble. It’s going to be McSweety!

Christy Khoshaba

An enthusiast for all things culture, Christy looks for journalistic inspiration in ethnic art galleries and in graffitied alleyways. When she’s not people watching at the BART stations, she’s deciphering...

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