Earlier this week, a vandal replaced an Arabic sign that featured prominently in a mural in progress on Clarion Alley with a swastika. The remains of a pumpkin were smeared close by.

The artist, Horea, is considering filing for a hate crime in light of the recent acts of vandalism.

The mural’s top half depicts the Eurasian continent; on the bottom is the Mediterranean Sea. Romanian words are stenciled in the background, with the Arabic sign featured in the lower center.

Horea moved to the Bay Area in 1998, but as he wrote in an e-mail prior to the defacement, he never felt rooted where he lived, despite his involvement with several shows and events.

“This mural is changing everything, especially my perception of this place,” he said. “Even if I do not own a piece of real estate, I have a wall.”

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