A paper cup is left wedged into a doorhandle along Bartlett Street, between 21st and 22nd Streets.

A look at the litter problems on Bartlett Street between 21st and 22nd.

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Christopher was first drawn to the Mission by Clarion Alley’s murals. Compared to his apolitical hometown, the strong political implications of the large murals and street art scene in San Francisco took him by surprise. Nonetheless, his favorite mural was of the T-rex terrorizing the Mission.

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  1. trash EVERYWHERE in the district/a lot of it is generated by homeless tearing open EVERY bag they see on every street;and just pulling contents out and apart(most if not all do not have any connection to mission dist.;except to lay on the sidewalks drunk;shopping carts full of garbage and cans)

    1. The Mission has lots of guys who pick through the trash on trash day. Some are careful not to spill; some aren’t. Where they live and who they are is obscure. But also, residents just put bags of trash around rather than disposing of it properly. And don’t worry about trash in front of their homes. And just tirar basura as a matter of course, as if it were just a part of their culture. Too bad.

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