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Live coverage from Mission Loc@l reporters at Justin Herman Plaza where Occupy San Francisco protesters are still camped out.

We’re signing off for now but will be back bright and early. Check @bayreporta for updates.

Groups are getting smaller.


insidebayarea insidebayarea

RT @VivianHo: Putting number at about 300 – still lots of drumming, dancing, chanting #occupysf

Freelance journalist Josh Krist says the protestors have dwindled down to a group of 500 people.

Still nothing… 

sfappeal San Francisco Appeal

…But Police Still Haven’t Appeared At #OccupySF (Livestream)

Humor to keep us awake.


#occupysf 3AM police raid? For what?
Police are present but quiet at the moment.
OccupyBayStreet OccupyBayStreet
All eyes on #OccupySF @occupysf. Police raid gearing up, it appears. @OccupyArrests
Jamie Goldberg

JamiebgoldbergJamie Goldberg

A few unmarked cop cars but few cops in site at 17th and De haro @MLNow #occupysf
Andrea Valencia
papelitoazulado Andrea Valencia
@MLNow #occupySF seems like all police are inside warehouses at Potrero. but def a lot of patrol cars outside without officers in them…
Andrea Valencia
papelitoazulado Andrea Valencia
@MLNow #occupysf we are at Potrero at de haro st. two muni buses w/ lights off and a lot of police cars

Protestors are encouraging one another with chants and speeches.

@papelitoazuladoAndrea Valencia
@MLNow #occupySF human mic going nonstop. ‘the system is broken and we are here to fix it’
John C. Osborn

bayreporta John C. Osborn

Impassioned speech by young man about need to unite, organize and fight. Part of revolutionary mvm in Philippines @mlnow #occupysf

People are getting sleepy.

Jamie Goldberg

Jamiebgoldberg Jamie Goldberg
Crowd has definitely thinned a bit… No sign of police @MLNow #occupysf

Mission Loc@l reporter Andrea Valencia says Noisebridge provided protestors with a hot-spot charging station. Valencia also says supervisors are going to be taking shifts so that if police happen to come, someone will be on duty. Supervisors are currently on the north side of Justin Herman Plaza.

Avalos Speaks:

Jamie Goldberg
Jamiebgoldberg Jamie Goldberg
Avalos: the media asked us how long is occupy going to stay here. We said as long as they stay here #occupysf #occupybayarea@MLNow
Jamie Goldberg
Jamiebgoldberg Jamie Goldberg
Avalos: we actually haven’t heard from the mayor. #occupysf #occupybayarea @MLNow
Campos Speaks:
Jamie Goldberg


Campos: we ask mayor ed lee that before there is a crackdown by the police he comes out and sees what’s happening here #occupysf @MLNow
John C. Osborn
bayreporta John C. Osborn
Campos, Kim, Yee, Avalos, Mar, Chiu mic check w #occupysf. Follow progress, akwardly at times. Want to work together@MLNow

Police presence is at a low for now.

Jamie Goldberg
Jamiebgoldberg Jamie Goldberg
Police presence still minimal at #occupysf #occupybayarea@MLNow
Muni Diaries
munidiaries Muni Diaries
Cops packed in Muni RT @Tomprice: Buses SRO, 60+ each. Seven buses + cars #occupysf
Muni Diaries
munidiaries Muni Diaries
Oh snap. RT @sfslim: OH: “The police forgot one thing: MUNI is *never* on time!” #OccupySF
John C. Osborn

bayreportaJohn C. Osborn

Well, no cops yet. But one did just drive away from #occupysf @mlnow
Andrea Valencia
papelitoazulado Andrea Valencia
people are chanting and stand in pacific formation waiting for police to get here @MLNow #occupySF #occupybayarea
Jamie Goldberg
Jamiebgoldberg Jamie Goldberg
Leland Yee waits for police at the front of the crowd at #occupysf #occupybayarea @MLNow
Jamie Goldberg

Jamiebgoldberg Jamie Goldberg
Mission Loc@l reader and freelance journalist Josh Krist said that there are approximately 600 people and the scene is much different than it was earlier today. The protest is much more diverse–including tourists and an older protesters. Some people told him they decided to join the protest when they heard the police might be here.
Protestors prepare to get arrested.
SF Breaking News

sfbreakingnews SF Breaking News
BREAKING: #occupysf protesters are preparing to be arrested, #SFPD (police) on their way. #occupy #breakingnews#sanfrancisco #ows #ohno
Hillary Hartley

hillary Hillary Hartley

by rachelannyes
#OccupyOakland #OccupySF If you get arrested, call this number: (877)7341.OWS or (415) 967-5255
Tim Lesle
telesle Tim Lesle
SFPD have blocked off de haro between 16th/17th. Tons of cop cars, vans, SUVs in area, plus a sheriffs dept bus.

An Oakland Tribune reporter is reporting that law authorities are getting ready near protesters.

Cecily Burt

csburt Cecily Burt
SFPD, SF Sheriff, DPH, SF Animal Care & Control, meeting and checking equipment prior to moving to evict Occupysf

All BART stations at Embarcadero and all stations in downtown Oakland have been closed.

We’re live at Justin Herman Plaza to cover the Occupy SF protest.

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