At Justin Herman Plaza on Saturday, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore surprised the crowd with a guest appearance at Occupy SF’s general assembly.

Energizing protesters, he said the origin of the Occupy movement could be traced to Tunisia and the Arab Spring. But the ultimate credit? That belonged to alleged WikiLeaks informant and U.S. Army soldier Bradley Manning, whom Moore called the original Occupy instigator for his purported role in leaking thousands of U.S. government cables. Moore even proposed renaming Justin Herman Plaza to Bradley Manning Plaza in his honor.

Moore’s San Francisco appearance is part of a cross-country tour of Occupy protests in both rural communities and large cities like San Francisco and Oakland, where he appeared the day before. Moore’s next stop is the small town of Grass Valley, California.

Edited Monday, October 31, 2011.

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Jon studied computer science and design at Stanford. He started photography in 2001, learning to shoot film before switching to digital in 2004. He lived in China for four years, where he worked as a teacher, DJ, and product manager at eBay. He moved back to San Francisco in 2007 and has been in the Mission ever since. He specializes in documentary photography, and loves capturing candid moments in the lives of fellow Mission residents.

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  1. Are you guys aware of this girl?

    Teenager Who was Refused Cancer Treatment Joins Occupy San Francisco

    Horrible conservatives are tearing her apart on Digg and she’s trying to defend herself there on Digg. One conservative even insinuated she is a parasite. Sick people.

  2. I hope this is not offending some people who are overweight. That …. Michael Moore has money coming out of his ears and he has the gull to act as a poor slob. Two things I have right about “Mr. heart Attack” he is a … slob and a liberal.

    1. You mean ‘gall’ not gull John. A gull is a bird. Michael Moore started poor and has made a lot of money with his films. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from and he still speaks for justice and equality. It’s what he says and does, not how he looks, that has won him respect. As far as ‘liberal’ goes the only people who use that word any more are the ones who have not yet caught on to what is happening.

      1. Well said John Dhu. It’s like people who are against the Occupy movement, like the poster you were commenting to here, are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. They defend their captors & fight the people trying to free them. They are reduced to name calling & mean spirited slander. How long will it take for them to see that the wealthy set the odds on the game of Capitalism & less than 1% of them will even come close to being wealthy enough to live the American dream no matter how hard they try. The Occupy Movement will eventually change the world for the better for us all. Even those who are so confused as to who the real enemy really is.

  3. It would be helpful if you gave a little background on Bradley Manning, especially given the misleading comments about him attributed to Michael Moore. Manning is not the informant for Wikileaks. A hero to many in the Occupy movement, Manning has been accused of divulging classified documents and is currently being held by the Obama administration indefinitely, without trial, under allegedly inhumane conditions. The documents leaked are the Wikileaks cables which have played a role in fomenting the Arab Spring and the Occupy Autumn, for they have graphically shown the Empire has no clothes.

    1. Although I’m not a fan of Mr. Moore, his support of the “Occupy” movement is welcomed and appreciated by this member of the 99%. “Question Authority” was just a catch-phrase back in my college years, but questioning authority has never been so important to the economic and political survival of our country as it is right now.

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