The mayoral candidates have all been to the Mission, but with roughly a few weeks left until November 8, 2011 which of the 16 has made an impact on the district’s 31,159 registered voters?

Lonnel, a Mission resident, says he’s seen signs for Bevan Dufty, John Avalos or Dennis Herrera. As it turns out, those are the top three money candidates in the Mission District.

Dufty with roughly $34,920, John Avalos $28,105 and Dennis Herrera $15,975.

No matter, other candidates continue to drop in.

Entrepreneur Joanna Rees says she’s walked up and down the 24th street corridor and has hosted events such as a neighborhood talk at Casa Sanchez. 

Colin Dyer, a member of Jeff Adachi’s campaign team says he’s had events at Cafe La Boheme and has walked with the merchants.

On a recent Saturday David Chiu was here and so too was Avalos, Supervisor of District 11. 

Some voters, however, have failed to notice.

Emily Ginn, a local bartender says that she hasn’t been paying attention to the mayoral race. She knows, however, that the city is looking for a new sheriff.

San Francisco has lost 30,000 jobs within the past two years and all of the candidates are promising to do something about it.

Nancy Rodriguez says she doesn’t believe them and won’t be voting.

Dufty, former District 8 Supervisor understands such apathy. “You can’t just show up and expect people to vote for you, you have to build relationship,” he says as he references his “heavy” involvement at Mission High School as a board member of the Athletic Scholars Advancement Program.

As Missionites gear-up to participate in the Democratic system they are going to be voting for the candidate who rolls up their sleeves ready to tackle the “real” issues of the people says Brandon Wartz, a local community worker and resident.

And according to a recent Mission Local survey, some of the “real” pressing issues to Missionites are immigration, jobs and housing.

Wartz adds, “I just want someone who is going to do their job.”

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