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It’s 6:21 a.m. and 55. Expected high of 66. Guess what? RAIN. Summer’s over, kids. For at least a day or two.

The Snitch reports that a former volunteer doula at Sage Femme, aka the last natural birthing center in San Francisco, aka “There are midwives on Capp Street?” is trying to raise funds to reopen the center. Last year we wrote about how Sage Femme was one of many small clinics severely impacted when Medi-Cal stopped paying them during statewide budget negotiations. The clinic was trying to hold on until 2014, when changes to federal healthcare law are expected to elevate the status — and pay — of midwives.

In the meantime, Sage Femme’s former director, Judith Tinkelenberg, continues to work at the South San Francisco-based Cypress Avenue Sage Femmes Birth Home, and still does house calls.

What else? The occupation of Wall Street in NY continues, and federal regulators get ready to examine 4.5 million mortgages for signs of mismanagement (though not in California — Kamala Harris pulled us out of the talks).

And our neighbors over at the EFF have just published some useful information about how political bloggers in a dangerous country or situation can protect themselves. Good stuff. It was written for people operating in Mexico, but a lot of these techniques can be applied elsewhere.

That’s it for now. Have a lovely Tuesday. And be sure to carry an umbrella.

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