Dolores Park is under renovation, and still no one knows exactly what will happen with the clubhouse, dog areas and all of the park’s paths and entrances. That’s a lot. Also, Dolores Park is pretty old, and that’s important when it comes to renovations.

All this will be discussed publicly on Oct. 13 at the Mission Dolores Park Rehabilitation Workshop, which will be held at Mission High’s cafeteria, 3750 18th Street. The meeting will last from 6 to 9:30 p.m., but reporter Heather Smith says meetings like this tend to go way longer.

According to Dolores Park Works:

Steve Cancian, lead architect for Community Outreach on the park’s design, has told the Park Rehabilitation Steering Committee that he has confidence we can come to a community consensus on all of these issues by the end of the last workshop. The Community Steering Committee will be meeting every week in October to help frame and clarify all these issues. We have been promised plenty of time to discuss and deliberate in our meetings and we are confident this will allow us to design the best plan possible.

See past Dolores Park meetings coverage from Mission Loc@l here and here.

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  1. This Thursday’s, 10/13, Dolores Park Rehabilitation Workshop will begin at 6pm. We need to start early so we all will get a chance to comment on the proposed upgrades and changes. We also need to decide on the fate of the old restrooms/clubhouse.