A source told a Mission Loc@l reporter that a brawl occurred Thursday night in Dolores Park, but so far we have talked to only one eyewitness.

Luis Farjato, a Balboa Park resident, said he was in the park just before sundown on Thursday when two men approached a group of men near the Dolores Park pathway.

After a brief exchange, the two groups began to throw glass bottles at one another. The fight spilled onto the clearing near the tennis courts, where several visitors where sitting.

“It was ugly,” said Farjarto. “Everyone was scared. They were afraid they were going to get hit.”

The two men who had approached the other group ran in the direction of 18th and Dolores streets. A few of the men in the second group chased after the two, while the others headed in the direction of 18th and Church streets, according to Farjarto.

Farjarto said that the men in the first group were white and those in the second group were Latino. He overheard one of the Latino men ask the white men where they were from.

San Francisco Police Department representatives said they had no information on the fight in Dolores Park. Officer Manfredi said it is common for police to shut down parties with loud music because of a noise ordinance that starts at 7 p.m.

Businesses in the area, as well as visitors to the park today, were unaware of yesterday’s altercation, but some visitors expressed concern over the regular incidence of crime in the area.

Joe Britt, 54, who currently sleeps in Dolores Park at night, said he feels unsafe. “It seems every night someone either gets robbed or punched.”

Zeni Silva, 43 from Twin Peaks, also said she feels unsafe in the park sometimes. She said she sees a lot of illegal activity there, but attributes it to alcohol.

“There’s a lot of people who sell weed here, but I don’t think they’re the problem,” said Silva. “It’s those who drink.”

Farjarto said he saw the men throw 40-ounce bottles of beer at each other at the time of the incident.

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  1. Why is Joe sleeping in the park? Don’t we have a million homeless “programs” for this guy to use and safely sleep indoors?

    Oh and Mission Local, well done on getting a homeless guy to give you an irrelevant quote.

    1. this is in response to SimonSays –

      Just because a person is homeless or sleeping in a park, doesn’t automatically make anything they have to say to be “irrelevant”.

      Your comment reveals your own bourgeois sense of holier than thou more than it contributes anything of substance to the topic.

      I bet you wouldn’t be able to survive one night out on the streets. Show some respect and compassion toward your fellow man. You’re no better than Joe Britt or any other homeless person. We are all sisters and brothers. The guy has a right to state his opinions, especially when asked by a reporter what his opinions are. You have a right to state your opinions too, but in the process, you’ve shown the entire city of San Francisco that you’re a classist douche.

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