BART Protest Live

Next monday. Frank Chu just informed the remaining protesters that he'll be there.

Some 50 people gathered for the third Monday in a row at Civic Center BART station to protest the July 3 fatal shooting of 45-year-old Charles Hill by BART police. There were no station closures and trains ran on time according to a BART spokesperson.

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  1. randolph mortimer

    the media coverage is prolonging this situation, in some cases, deliberately.

  2. Valenchia

    Let’s see there were about 50 protesters and thousands of people taking BART. I think that is a pretty good public opinion poll.

    Of course, the protesters are so smug and self-centered they probably didn’t notice. They are so righteous they can’t fathom that someone might reasonably have a different opinion. And certainly they don’t grant any legitimacy to that opinion.

    What the protesters don’t understand is that the last thing most people want is to be governed by people who are so obviously narrow-minded totalitarians. People like the protesters who resort to violence and intimidation are the real threat to our society.

    I am not defending the actions of BART or the BART police but we have methods in our society of fairly dealing with those issues. But the protesters aren’t satisfied with that, they want to impose their will on the rest of us.

    No wonder they have so little support. People aren’t stupid, they know where the real threat lies.

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