BART Protest Live – More Arrests Underway Outside the Library at Civic Center

By Andrea Valencia

Commuters beware, another BART protest is scheduled for 5 p.m. tonight at the Civic Center station. We’ll be covering it live. Find out what’s happening here, alternative ways to get home and join the conversation.

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  1. Jay

    This is pathetic. Why these morons continue to negatively impact the very people they’re ostensibly trying to get support from is beyond me. Unless, of course, they’re not really trying to change anything. I’ve said this before, this is primarily a social event for these folks. Any real progress towards their “goals” is secondary.

  2. randolph mortimer

    disrupting public transport is a terrorist tactic.

  3. I believe that there is a purpose to all this: “Issues of ideology and political effectiveness aside, the protests are exposing the practices that the police will utilize in urban areas if significant unrest erupts, shutting off electronic communications, shutting down transit service and relying upon the deployment of riot police in large numbers. All of this is done with the objective of fragmenting the protests, while inducing the apolitical public to blame the protesters for the disruption of their lives. In other words, the strategy is to intensify the chaos resulting from protest for the purpose of generating support for even more repressive measures. As they said of BART’s inspiration, Mussolini, he made the trains run on time, but, so far, it hasn’t done so. Hopefully, the Anonymous collective is learning through practical experience and developing a means to effectively confront it.”

  4. shakeses

    And another thing; while bart shutting down cell service is problematic, it is only part of the point. The larger issue, the one that everyone seems hell bent on forgetting, is that 25 seconds after arriving onto a platform at civic center, a police officer shot and killed Charles Hill, whose only “crime”, by every account, was that he was wasted in public. 25 seconds was all it took.
    +fire these officers
    +take away their guns (not even subway cops in Mexico City have weapons)
    +and ultimately, disband the bart police

    it’s not over.

  5. hef13

    BART Police shutdown stations to protect protestors from disrupting service, makes sense. Never turn your back on a BART cop.

  6. Valenchia


    Oh we fully understand the protests are not about us. They are also not about Oscar Grant or anyone else.

    The protests are just about a bunch of anonymous cowards who feel the their need to express their opinions is more important than the rights of anyone else in society. The protests are nothing more than a thuggish effort to intimidate others.

    If you actually cared about Oscar Grant or any other issue, you would protest peacefully and work through the normal processes. But you are too self-righteous to do that. You think your opinions are more important than anyone else and that you can inconvenience anyone so that you can get up on you little soapbox

    Thank you for making clear that you don’t care about anyone but your self. And that your invocation of Oscar Grant is nothing more than a cover for your narcissism.

    The air of moral superiority you assert in your message is completely undermined by your contempt for everyone else in society. You, not the BART police, are the real threat to the rest of us.

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