It’s 7:14 a.m., 54° and heading for 67°. Practically balmy, compared to yesterday. Details are here.

SF Gate has a story about how supervisors David Campos and Eric Mar have legislation before the board that would require employers who are being investigated for paying their employees less than the city’s minimum wage to inform their workers of the investigation, and would double the penalty for retaliating against workers who complain about wage violations.

The article also mentions pending amendments that would require the city to resolve labor claims or refer them to a hearing within six months, but the head of the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement says that she can’t possibly meet that deadline with a staff of just 16.

Information continues to trickle out about the city’s second fatal shooting by police in two weeks. The Examiner reports that the man who was shot had two prior felony convictions in the state of Washington and had been wanted by Seattle police for questioning in connection with a gang shoot-out that happened there earlier this week. And the SFPD now has a .45 that it claims the victim was shooting at officers.

And the New York Times has an article about how medical marijuana programs voted in by states like New Jersey may never be implemented, due to what the story describes as “mixed messages from the Obama administration.”