It’s 6:10 a.m., 50° and heading for 58°. Rain (again) before 10 a.m. and after 10 p.m. — though that’s just according to the weather forecast. I haven’t noticed much beyond fog. It’s supposed to rain all day Friday. Details are here.

Remember that not-so-secret bunker that Mission Loc@l took a field trip to? And then developed bunker lung? Well, supposedly it’s been sealed off now. Probably because everyone and their mom was down there, writing mostly cheerful messages about loving everyone on the walls of a building created to house massive guns. Oh, San Francisco.

The East Bay Express, which has been consistently impressing me lately, has a very interesting article about fracking. Its focus is a 680-mile pipeline being built to deliver mostly (and that’s the 95 percent kind of mostly) natural gas from Wyoming and Colorado to Oregon, and thence over the border to energy-hungry California.

At first one is tempted to think, “Cry me a river, East Bay Express. Draining the natural resources of all the states around it is what California does.” It’s, like, in the charter or something. But then the reporter brings up the matter of a massive shale deposit in Monterey County that could also be on the checklist for fracking. So there’s that.

Not that that’s likely to be the most happy thing to talk about around the water cooler. For that we have the spectacle of Brian Wilson in a spandex tuxedo, thanks to the laborious efforts of SFist.