A 28-year-old man was walking down 22nd near Church at 10:40 p.m. when he noticed four men in their late teens walking toward him. One of them had a bandana over his face.

Fearing for his safety, the man attempted to flee, but he was quickly surrounded by the suspects.

The man with the bandana placed his hand on the victim’s ribcage. Another threatened to punch him if he didn’t hand over his property. The victim complied.

The muggers ran, but were subsequently arrested by police. The victim sustained no injuries.

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Octavio Lopez Raygoza

Octavio Lopez Raygoza hails from Los Angeles. Lured by the nightlife, local eateries, and famous chilaquiles, Raygoza enjoys reporting in the Mission District. Although he settled in downtown San Francisco, he spends most of his time in the Mission.

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  1. It does seem odd that there are never descriptions of suspects, even when they are on the loose. I’m new to San Francisco, is this phenomenon unique to this area? And I’ve never heard a single explanation as to why descriptions are not given. Is seems as if the area really doesn’t care if the suspects are caught.

    1. The reporters can only give a description if the police give them one. If they give and the suspect turns out to be of another race, you know how that’ll turn out.

      1. I know how it will turn out, the criminals will soon be running things here. I’m glad I stumbled on this blog, because of it I will never move to the Mission.

        1. I live in the Mission, it sucks balls, I’ve been physically assaulted, sexually harrassed (by a woman), I frequently catch people pissing and shitting at the side of my house, punk ass kids dropping N-bombs AND the liquor store near my house at 22nd and Folsom sells liquor to the ‘hood alcoholics, single swishers to high school kids etc… Did I mention graffiti?

          Seriously and honestly, I hate living in the Mission.