Stopped by the Deepistan National Parklet today. It’s not the most comfortable parklet every built — largely because it flanks a driveway — but it is charming and extremely tolerant of other lifeforms, inanimate, extinct and interstellar.

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Heather Smith covers a beat that spans health, food, and the environment, as well as shootings, stabbings, various small fires, and shouting matches at public meetings. She is a 2007 Middlebury Fellow in Environmental Journalism and a contributor to the book Infinite City.

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  1. Glad you liked the parklet! Come back on Tuesday to see the new resident megafauna!


    .ps Sorry you didn’t find it more comfortable – it isn’t designed to “straddle the driveway” really, I don’t have a car nor will I. It is really just designed to be open. The benches are designed for leaning against…

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