Miss Rahni performing at Daytime Realness, a tea dance that debuted at El Rio yesterday. Scheduled for the third Sunday of each month, it’s organized by Trannyshack (Heklina, Ambrosia Salad) and Hard French (DJ Carnita). Sadly, there is no picture of Miss Ronnie jumping straight up in the air and landing, on El Rio’s splintery wooden deck, in the splits.

From the description:

“Daytime Realness Is: Burt Reynolds Mustache, Three’s Company, Roller Skates, Astroturf, Kiddie Pools, Technicolor Jello Molds, Artificial House Plants, High Waistlines, Cuckoo Clocks, Floral Print Bathrooms, Shag Carpeting, Cabana Boys, Shrimp Cocktails, Harvey Wallbangers, Muppets in Bikinis, Pink Flamingos, Hawaiian Tropics, White Loafers, A SUNDAY YOU CANT REMEMBER & WILL NEVER FORGET.”

What I will never forget? The drag queen who danced into the audience, holding an (unplugged) iron and pretending to iron the clothes of everyone on the dance floor.

It’s sad that a great new party has to cut into an old one. Salsa Sundays at El Rio, which had the awesomeness of a truly diverse crowd plus a LIVE BAND, used to be held every Sunday; now they’re scheduled for just the second and fourth Sundays. This state of affairs has been blamed on the Eagle’s closure, and I would say that’s not too far off, given that the dance party now held at El Rio on the first Sunday of every month is called The Eagle in Exile.

Daytime Realness
Every third Saturday, 3-8 p.m.
El Rio
3158 Mission Street @ Precita