The roasting crew at Ritual shows us the steps that go into making a good cup of coffee.

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  1. brisa, Hills Brothers has been around a long time and their coffee still tastes like caca.

    1. Hills Brothers!?! Ha ha! — My mother had an expression that describes that kind of coffee; but it shouldn’t be printed in a family blog!

  2. Yeah that’s what happens when you are a coffee geek! I can say that because I am one! When folks do not grind or brew correctly it hurts the heart! Here’s to great coffee!

  3. Thanks, I needed a Sunday morning chuckle with my café con leche! Initially I thought the video was a spoof of local coffee snobbery, then I realized that they are serious!
    Coming from a family that has been on the growing and processing end of the coffee bean, yes, since the 1740s, the video was a chuckle. The one thing that I will agree with is that the beans must never be ground long before brewing.
    The rest of the video is a goofy attempt at appearing knowledgeable and a “justification” for over-pricing a single serving of brewed coffee.

    Cavet emptor, and all that.

      1. A “sabelotodo” will produce better comedy than somebody who purposely sets out to make us laugh.
        The “aspiration” part was particularly funny. That may be the way they do it in Sanka-land, but in my house that’s a “grosería”!

    1. wow, Brisa what you just commented really was as unfounded as a “breeze”. With the Cmarket the way it’s going and the price of green coffee hitting $3+, how much would YOU charge for the coffee in order to both make a profit and offer the producer a significant chunk of change for their beautiful product?
      If you are not paying a decent amount for green coffee, then you are literally part of the exploitation of micro-lot producers.
      good job!

          1. Tell you what: you sally forth about the business of selling coffee in San Francisco at retail, and I’ll stick to my critique of what I saw in the video; a very odd presentation concerning the “correct” way to prepare beans and brew coffee — Zapatero, a tus zapatos – OK?

            I still have family members who cultivate coffee on land that’s been in our family and used for that purpose for the past 261 years, and they continue to make a nice living.