SFPD Weekend Recap: Cyclist Who Was Hit May Have Run Red Light

The 46-year-old male cyclist who was hit by a taxi early Sunday morning on 14th Street remains in life-threatening condition but is improving, according to police.

At 12:56 a.m., the taxi was northbound on Mission Street when it struck the cyclist, who was traveling east on 14th Street.

It appears from preliminary investigations that the cyclist ran a red light, according to Lieutenant Dangerfield.

Tuesday: Robbery

Early this morning a 59-year-old man was robbed at Harrison and 16th streets. At 1:35 a.m., the suspect approached the victim from behind and struck his head, causing him to fall to the ground. The suspect then stole the victim’s cash from his wallet and fled.

The victim was unable to give a detailed description of the male suspect. No arrests have been made.

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  1. Sameer Bansaki

    Be honest. Have you ever seen a cyclist in the Mission actually stop at a stop sign or a red light? Forget about wearing a helmet, having lights on their bikes at night, signaling turns, or riding with the flow of traffic. And, of course, since their cyclists, they’ll never be at fault if they get into an accident (the dude driving the expensive car with lots of insurance will be at fault).

  2. Aaron

    I’ve been biking almost daily in the Mission for the past year. I see this behavior every time I’m out and have had several close calls myself with other bikers who don’t even slow down at stops. Including once nearly being rear ended by two on Harrison apparently surprised that any other biker would obey a stop. I feel bad for this guy’s loved ones, and I hope he recovers to preach the stupidity of reckless biking.

  3. Chris

    As a pedestrian I’ve almost been knocked down, frequently screamed at, etc by cyclists for daring to use cross walks or even the sidewalk when they want to be there.

    The rules are there to protect drivers, pedestrians and, even, cyclists.

    Follow them.

  4. lololol

    pointing fingers at which side (cars v. bikes v. pedestrians) does or doesn’t follow the rules is impossible and not a solution as obviously members of all groups follow or break rules from time to time. what’s important to remember is that if you’re as dangerous as the vehicle/machine you’re using. cars and their drivers intrinsically and structurally are more dangerous/fatal to cyclists, and cyclists are still dangerous/sometimes fatal to pedestrians. if the point of this discussion is to help people from getting hurt, then this is way more useful to remember, no matter what you’re using to get around.

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