An occasional collection of bites.

The organic tomatoes given out for free at the free farmers market on 22nd and Treat. I had a huge green-yellowish tomato with just salt from the Himalayas, pepper and bread (Acme bread that they also give out for free), and it’s been the most delicious real (as in organic) tomato I’ve eaten since I can remember. — Andrea Valencia
Tacos al pastor at La Taqueria Guadalajara may be the best tacos that my virgin tastebuds have sampled so far in the Mission. It simply blew away any other al pastor dish to date. I think I actually dreamt about them the next night. — Nilanjan Nag
Root chips at Radish, still warm from the frying. Kale stew with sausage and bacon — delish. Reports from the table that the lemonade was also very good, but the fried shrimp, fried frogs legs not so good. Was it unreasonable to think a place named Radish would be full of vegetables and salads and NOT fried food and sausage? — Lydia Chavez
Another take on Radish:
We tried Radish today and loved it. The portions are small but the food very good. It was their lunch menu, and we chose a bacon and fried green tomatoes sandwich, a catfish po’ boy and a side of macaroni and cheese, and for dessert some bread pudding. Very fresh ingredients, good bread, the fried green tomatoes were delicious, our waiter was very nice…and to top it all off, a carafe of sparkling wine. A great meal! — Helene Goupil
A side of baby artichokes at Hog & Rocks. It’s a generous portion, so share with a friend! Topped with crispy bread crumbs. I’ve never been so thrilled to eat mayonnaise. — Rachel Parker
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