California’s standardized test, STAR, which will be administered to every second- through eleventh-grade public school student in the district, begins its second round this week. While your children are hunched over marking their sheets with Number 2 pencils, try out your skills. Good luck!


  • Round 1: March 1 and 2
  • Round 2: April 7 through 22
  • Round 3: April 26 through May 5

Additional Resources

  • You can see more sample questions from each grade level here.
  • Click here for samples of the science reference sheets found in each test booklet. Samples include chemistry, physics, integrated science and fifth- and eighth-grade science.
  • For help understanding test scores, click here.
  • PDFs with test questions for each grade level, from tests given from 2003 to 2008, can be downloaded here.

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  1. That’s representative of California education? No wonder the world is passing the US by. Students excel when they are chellenged. It seems CA is setting a standard driven by not bruising the egos of kids that don’t want to study.

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