Opportunity or Privatization? Sides Speak Out on First Food Vendor Rolling Into Dolores Park

En Español.

The first permitted vendor rolls into Dolores Park on Saturday. Chicken John Rinaldi stands by with more than $700 worth of plastic puke.

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  1. the dude in the hat … get a grip you whiny self absorbed ….

  2. favor

    Why is Chicken John still allowed to talk?

    Get a job already buddy. Over $700 in fake puke? How effective?

  3. kennydojo

    Chicken John’s girlfriend owns Ritual?

    Wow. That guy is megalomaniacal.

  4. Guapo Status

    Chicken John= white, privileged, …. I think the fact that dude has $700 to buy fake puke says it all. Instead of doing something worthy, he spends his parents money on this bs.

  5. chicken

    Puke In postponed, happy ending in sight, trailer to move to curb, victory for ALL! http://bit.ly/mqRWEv

  6. themissionman

    Tell RItual Coffee and Chicken John that you want them out of the Mission. We do not need chain stores on Valencia St (Ritual) or trust fund bigots (John Rinaldi). The Mission is a treasure filled with hard working people. SOme are construction workers, cleaning people, food industry people, mechanics, artists, journalists,house painters, etc.

    .John Rinaldi lives off of an inheritance. He began this battle in reaction to a competitor to his girlfriend’s chain coffee shop efforts to open up a small coffee trailer.

    Now he claims to be Latino. He claims no connection to Ritual Coffee. He claims that when he was misquoted when he initially said that he was organizing people to vomit on the people working the La Cocina food booth. Now he claims that he has spent $750 on prop vomit. This is how John Rinaldi chooses to spend his unearned money.

    If you earn your money, do not spend it at Ritual Coffee. That is, unless you support bigots. Chicken John, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and the ilk will say anything to raise paranoia for their own profit.

  7. marcos

    Way to go, Mission Activists! Instead of focusing on concentrated power and challenging Rec and Park for using Latino businesses to get a nose under the privatization tent, you all have allowed yourselves to go all two minutes hate on Chickenshit Toilet without a word about Gavin Newsom’s Rec and Park, and in so doing, reaffirm the corporate framing here and legitimate this and future park privatization.

    This demonstrates why the Mission nonprofit operations, funded by the City and by “bougie” foundations, do nothing resembling the “protracted organizing campaign directed at the people who wield the power and have all the money” that our communities need. To the contrary, the only reason why those entities fund such agencies is to ensure that nothing ever changes by exercising fiscal control over activists.

    Over the past 20 years, Mission residents have been punched like piñatas on the receiving end of gentrification and displacement and all these master organizers have managed to organize is the entire neighborhood against them after their agencies get their public funding.

    It is so much easier to have their attention directed towards a two minute hate against a scamster than it is to do what it takes to bite the hands that feed them in a “protracted organizing campaign directed at the people who wield the power and have all the money.”

    Those who have been though campaigns before have to actually let themselves be divided in conquered.

  8. Raffy

    Hmm, will this chicken character be fined for littering for not cleaning up his plastic puke after his stunt?

  9. SickofChickenJohn

    The commentary outlining the limited capacity of Chicken to understand and comprehend the realities of the Mission are easily summed up in this quote..

    “It will always be Army street.”

    Sorry Chicken but no. It is Cesar Chavez and has been for round about 20 years. Pity on you for not living in reality. But you know you are really a fucking idiot..

    Can you even speak Spanish you worthless piece of self promoting white trash? People like YOU are what has RUINED the Mission. Why don’t you go back to what ever suburb you spawned from! Seriously, your inability to understand what is directly in front of your face, coupled with your constant need for attention are beyond annoying and have in fact become destructive and divisive. I think I will come over and puke on your house.

  10. Mak

    Right on Chicken John! At the park this weekend. Hanging at Dolores Beach. Had $4 worth of tacos. They were decent and SUPER cheap. $1000 a month in rent is really going to help out the city. Boy! Probably will put a brick and mortars out of biz but who really cares. We don’t like their food anyway! We don’t really care about their employees and families either. Shucks. Tacos in the park. Yes! Big ugly white trailer obstructing my once view of expansive green grass and a childrens park. Hurray for the minority little guys!

  11. Ian

    “It will Always be Army Street”

    Chicken John just offended many Latino activist, the Latino community, Labor Unions and all the supporters who worked many years to change Army St. to Cesar Chavez.

    • randolph mortimer

      this shouldn’t be a surprise after he personally attacked the hard working latinos of chac mool and tried to get their business venture shut down via his asinine protest

      the worst is that he claims he’s half latino as proof he’s not a racist.. a classic case of projected self loathing, i think.

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