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The rosaries are either purchased or created by Danny, who is a practicing Catholic.

Danny was brought up by his grandmother, who had a fortune-telling business wherever she and the family went. Appreciating the effectiveness of a good sign, he commissioned his from Bohemia Signs on Harrison Street.

Becoming a part of the regular scene on 16th Street has helped Danny and Larry to maintain a certain level of stability

Recently the proprietor of the kiosk on 16th Street has asked Danny to find a new location.

Living on Valencia Street in the Crown Hotel with Larry, Danny organizes himself and his work for each day’s efforts and the search for a new spot in the Mission.

The Crown Hotel reception desk.

Danny and Larry’s room reflects the faith that plays a major role in helping them to keep up the effort needed to manage.

Danny in his room at the Crown

Danny holds a photo of himself as a younger man.