Historic artefacts from Mission's trenches
Spencer Mack, 31, holds up what he has identified as 1906 's earthquake remains found in the trenches behind him close to the corner of @19th street and Valencia.

Spencer Mack, 31, artist in the morning and bartender at the Beauty Bar at night, just got his hands dirty from going through the trenches being dug in the parking lot on Valencia Street near 19th.

This is not his first historic hunt. “The best thing I found was a porcelain soap dish from what I think must have been the bathroom,” he said, pointing to the dirt trench from the construction taking place behind him. “Oh, and a horseshoe that always feels lucky.”

Today his find is a bit more low-key: the bottom of a bottle, a mysterious-looking muddied object he has identified as a porcelain cap, and a rusty but modern-looking water spigot.

But what is junk to another is a prized find to him. He collects the objects out of interest and also for his art. “The spigot will serve as a weight for my cuckoo clock,” he laughed before walking off.

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  1. The “porcelain cap” turned out to be the lid of a small teapot. It’s design and unique patina are consistent with that of objects dating from the 1906 earthquake and fire.