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Our original story about Lyon-Martin’s financial woes is here.

And our coverage of last weekend’s fundraiser at El Rio is here.

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Heather Smith covers a beat that spans health, food, and the environment, as well as shootings, stabbings, various small fires, and shouting matches at public meetings. She is a 2007 Middlebury Fellow...

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  1. Hey! Angel from the Bike Kitchen here. I just wanted to let folks know we’ve decided to pass all of our day use fees raised over a two week period ending Friday to Lyon-Martin Health Services. We normally ask $5 for day use, but we’d love for folks to give more to support this worthy cause. So come to the Bike Kitchen and have experience bike folks help you fix your own bike AND help keep this vital community health clinic open. The Bike Kitchen is open Saturday afternoons and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. We hope to donate about $1,000 to Lyon-Martin. Thanks!

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