Paris (23) and Megan (30) share their insights on the matters of the heart at El Farolito.

El Farolito, 10:30 a.m.

[Three young women are standing in front of El Farolito waiting for it to open. One has “Will” tattooed in swirly letters on her chest. The “i” is dotted with a heart. I figure she might know something about love.]

Megan: Oh that? It’s my baby’s daddy’s name.

Paris: [laughing] She fell for his cheap-ass line!

Megan: He said, “If you really love me you would get my tattoo.”

[EL Farolito opens its doors and we go inside.]

Paris: I used to fall for that stuff too. Now I know it’s their way of controlling us.

The craziest thing my man ever talked me into was buying a car. You know how it is, men start tripping when they don’t have shiny cars.

Frida: How many cars did you end up getting?

Paris: I bought two Cadillacs and two Toyotas. Then I got into an accident and now I have $3,000 in fines. I didn’t need a car! I would just as well have taken the bus.

[Megan and Frida sit down with their order. Paris remains standing. “I’m a bit of a health freak,” she explains.]

Mission Local:What is some of the best love advice you received?

Megan: My mother would say if he loves you he will not put his hand on you.

Paris: And If he loves you, he will provide for you…yaddadada BULLshit! [They explode with laughter.]

Frida: Nowadays people just like each other for their money.

Megan: No money, no love.

Paris: I was homeless two months before my son was born, and his father left us. If he really loved me he would have ridden those hard times out.

Mission Loc@l: What will you tell your kids about love?

Paris: I would tell them to stay as far as they can away from it. Love hurts.

Mission Local: What about marriage?

Megan: A wedding is sacred. You can’t break your vows ever. That’s why I don’t want to get into the marriage thing.

Paris: I’m supposed to get married on Valentine’s Day. But I have some trust issues and pushed the date down. [She pauses.]

But what woman doesn’t think of their big-ass wedding? I want my daughter to be the bridesmaid. She will be perfect.

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