Cafe La Bohème, 1 p.m.

Tante: Love…. It’ll be gone. Once you are over 60 you won’t care at all.

Guajiro: This guy! He used to be a hummingbird!

Tante: That is right! But that was back in the day. Young people are not as romantic anymore. Back in 1974 we had to win over the girl, be romantic. I had lots of girls, but I had to work very hard to get them. Love today is just like fast food. Just sexual.

Guajiro: Love is not just sex. You can love your sister and your family.

Tante: Young people just think about putting their [expletive deleted] in and out.

Mission Loc@l: How would you describe romantic love?

Tante: I heard before that love is the love for the other’s soul. And when you stop loving someone you won’t even know why. Like opening your hand and forgetting what you had. [laughs] Yes, all bullshit.

Guajiro: Before we used to write letters using words like those. We would plagiarize them. Now it is very different.