From left to right: Lavell, their friend Michael, Nait, Joceln, Fiki

19th and Mission, 2:30 p.m.

A group of teenagers wait at the bus stop to catch the 49 after school. Joceln, 16, and Nait, 17, are girls; Lavell and Fiki, both 17, are boys.

Joceln: I don’t know what love means.

Nait: Having fun, like you’re not bored with the person.

Lavell: Communication.

Joceln: [agreeing with Lavell] BAM!

Fiki: Oh yes! That’s a good one, bro. The point of love is to have someone you trust more than your friends.

Nait: What if you trust your friends more than the person you love?

Fiki: No! That’s not like that with the person you love.

Lavell: You can tell your deep secrets, that’s what you’re saying.

ML: Have you guys ever been in love?

Joceln: Infatuated. But not love.

ML: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

Joceln: I skipped school. We just chilled, went places.

Lavell: Nah, that’s not crazy. I snuck out the house.

ML: Did you get caught?

Lavell: Yeah, a little bit. But it was worth it. We had some private time, you could say.

ML: What advice would you give someone about love?

Nait: You should just be careful with what you say. Don’t tell your partner like everything. Some things you need to keep to yourself because they might use your past stuff against you.

Fiki: Make sure that person is the right one.

ML: How do you know when they’re the right one?

Joceln: I don’t know.

Fiki: It’s just a feeling, you have that connection.

ML: How long have your longest relationships lasted?

Joceln: Solid relationship was six months.

Lavell: Seven or eight years.

ML: Why did you guys break up?

Nait: ‘Cause he’s a cheater!

Lavell: No, there just wasn’t a whole lot of trust in the situation.

Fiki: How old are you?

Lavell: 17

ML: So wait, Lavell — you started an eight-year relationship when you were about 9? How did you know you loved someone then?

Lavell: It was for a long time. I just felt like she was the right one for me.

ML: Why do you think some people don’t believe in love?

Fiki: Because they think love is hard to find.

Nait: Because you get disappointed. And nobody wants to be disappointed. Because when you love somebody, you expect them to do all the….

Joceln: To meet you halfway basically, and if they’re not doing that, that’s a problem.

[Bus arrives]

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