Mission resident and artist Ronald Chase founded SF Art and Film in 1993. The program offers free film screenings, Saturday art visits to galleries and museums, free tickets to cultural events, and the Film Workshop, an intensive professional filmmaking program for teenagers.

Lauren Rosenfeld

Walking in the streets of the Mission takes Lauren back to the streets of South America. Up until now, she’s known the Mission through its bars and restaurants; now it’s the buzz on Mission Street...

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  1. Art & Film is a fantastic program and Ron Chase deserves far more public credit than he gets. But I would disagree that it’s for “precocious” teenagers exclusively. Teenagers don’t have to be academic superstars or unusually mature and sophisticated to benefit from the various Art & Film activities. Intensive exposure to the arts benefits all kinds of kids.

    1. Caroline, Yes, I agree. Maybe being with Ronald Chase develops precocious teenagers. Best, Lydia

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