Catcallers share tips, techniques, philosophical musings.

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Newcomer Samantha Bryson has spent a week exploring the Mission District and is quickly assembling a survival guide—always have cash, don’t engage in catcalls, buy a pair of skinny jeans and refer to the Spanish language phone application often. High school French is proving to be useless.

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  1. Ugh. I freaking hate being yelled and/or whistled at on the street. I’m trying to get from point A to point B – why can’t I do so without being harassed about the way I look. I don’t take it as a compliment. I take it as an unwanted, unwarranted verbal assault. And it can also be quite intimidating and threatening. Really? Being called a bitch because I don’t want to talk to some random stranger on the street who’s just remarked on my ass? Classy.

    As for the woman who sometimes enjoys it when she’s feeling down: get a hobby. Feminism =/= seeking validation from strange men on the street commenting on your looks.


    1. EXACTLY.
      not sure why missionlocal chose to focus on the one woman in the mission who claims to enjoy this occasionally.

  2. I’ve definitely been a victim of catcalling in the Mission District. I usually just ignore it. But when people are abrasive about it…it really gets under my skin. But whatever…I just move on and try to not think about it. Great video, Sam!

  3. First of all, you guys mostly interviewed crackheads, except for one dude. Second of all, if that toothless crackhead chased me down the street, I would have fucking stabbed him. Third of all, that woman should be ashamed of herself.

    I started a Twitter account for women to vent when they’re getting catcalled. It’s We got written up in Bitch magazine. Obviously.

    There is also an account specifically for the Mission at

    Why would you give these men more of a voice? I think they’ve said enough. It’s our turn.

    Stupid stupid stupid mission local.

  4. Seriously? MissionLocal, I just lost a helluva lot of respect for your site.
    Giving attention to men who FOLLOW WOMEN FOR BLOCKS DOWN THE STREET HARASSING THEM VERBALLY is pretty gross, imo. Highlighting their “tips” and “techniques” for disrespecting the women in this city is reprehensible.
    It sucks as a lady to not be able to walk down the street without hearing a comment about my body. It sucks to be told I’m a bitch when I speak up against catcallers. And if someone were to follow me as well, I would feel extremely unsafe and threatened.
    I’m honestly at a loss as to how this video (or behavior!) is considered appropriate.
    This is some might poor judgment.

  5. Well, it is the Mission right? Embrace diversity, right? Graffiti is art, Nice trees are gentrification, catcalls are sexy.

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