That’s what I want to know.

Who feels compelled to reach for their checkbook and write out a check to a worthy organization, like, you know, Mission Local? Who will support by advertising their business on our site? Who will sport our T-shirt, pick up a zine or purchase our iPhone app?

We hope you do.

I stumbled upon this article that says people’s willingness to give to a nonprofit or a charity has less to do with how much money they have in the bank than with their religious views and stance on the role of the government. Are you for less government intervention? Then you’re more likely to give. The inverse is also true: if you’re for more government control, you’re less likely to give. And did you know that Americans give more in the month of December than most countries do in a year?

Anyway, I thought I’d share this tidbit of info because, you know, that’s what we do. We’re of the philosophy that sharing is caring. And whatever cosmic view your political sensibilities hinge on, we believe you probably feel the same.

Which brings me to my next point. We hope you value the information we provide you as much as we do. And we’ve been on it! Keeping up with the times. Getting all techy and instantaneous. Just look slightly to your right…there’s our nifty and up-to-date news rail. And what about the interesting and interactive ways we’ve distilled the numbers for you?

Prop 19. Contributions. Who donated to Prop. 19, and how much? Just scroll over the map, click on a dot, and there it is.

Health Inspection Scores for Mission District Restaurants. How clean are your favorite neighborhood restaurants? Just go to the map, zoom in, click, and there it is.

How Clean are San Francisco Restaurants? Get the scores for restaurants in the greater San Francisco area. How are they holding up to the city’s new health department measures (mm-hmm, measures that were instituted thanks to Mission Local’s keen reporters)?

Help us keep the numbers rolling.

Supporting us is easy….

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You can buy one of our many fine products (our T-shirt, our zine, our iPhone app). All are excellent stocking-stuffers, two are tangible goods, three will help you orient yourself around the neighborhood, and one will keep you from being naked.)

Or you can just donate. Think of all the things in life that you don’t like giving money to, like parking tickets. And you actually like us.

Happy holidays (or not-holidays, depending on which religion or atheism or agnosticism you subscribe to).

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