Kevin Montgomery of Uptown Almanac has obtained access to the list of businesses invited to compete for vendor permits in Dolores Park.

The list, accompanied by the Request for Proposals letter dated July of last year, includes such businesses as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Jamba Juice.

The Recreation and Parks department confirmed that the documents, obtained through the Sunshine Ordinance, are indeed theirs. Elton Pon, spokesman for the department, said many of the contacts listed, totaling over 900, had requested information about concessions opportunities.

“We are required to include all companies that request to be placed on our contact list for potential vendor opportunities,” wrote Pon in an email to Mission Loc@l. “It is not staff’s role to determine who to exclude from the list but to include all who show interest in these opportunities and allow the selection process to run its course,” he wrote.

Pon also confirmed that McDonald’s, Burger King, and Jamba Juice all expressed interest in general concessions opportunities with the Recreation & Parks department.

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