“GSW10” (not pictured) painted politics on a building near the intersection of Mission and 15th streets.

A: Johannes Mehserle is the BART officer who this month received a two-year prison sentence for fatally shooting Oscar Grant.

B: Michael Vick is the pro football quarterback sentenced to 23 months in prison for a dogfighting conviction in 2007.

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Though he lives in Russian Hill, Gregory Thomas feeds in the Mission. As a cub reporter, he happily avoids the doldrums of debt by subsisting on one $6 burrito per day. For fun, Thomas rides a multi-gear bicycle and plays pick-up basketball in Dolores Park.

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  1. Anyone that even paid attention knows that these cases are two totally different things.

    One, a man for money kills dogs in the fight ring and lies to athorities about his involvement

    In the second case, a CRIMINAL like in the first case with 26 arrests 14 felonies and two stints in state prison ruins a good cops llife by being the thug he was ….

  2. i hate this old derelict building but i like this graffiti

    the demolition permits on it are moving like molasses (were filed in june).