“GSW10” (not pictured) painted politics on a building near the intersection of Mission and 15th streets.

A: Johannes Mehserle is the BART officer who this month received a two-year prison sentence for fatally shooting Oscar Grant.

B: Michael Vick is the pro football quarterback sentenced to 23 months in prison for a dogfighting conviction in 2007.

Gregory Thomas

Though he lives in Russian Hill, Gregory Thomas feeds in the Mission. As a cub reporter, he happily avoids the doldrums of debt by subsisting on one $6 burrito per day. For fun, Thomas rides a multi-gear...

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  1. i hate this old derelict building but i like this graffiti

    the demolition permits on it are moving like molasses (were filed in june).

  2. Anyone that even paid attention knows that these cases are two totally different things.

    One, a man for money kills dogs in the fight ring and lies to athorities about his involvement

    In the second case, a CRIMINAL like in the first case with 26 arrests 14 felonies and two stints in state prison ruins a good cops llife by being the thug he was ….

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